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I met this guy on a dating app. When he messaged me, it was all good. The conversation was great and we really vibed. When we met in person there was instant connection. We kicked it for like 2 weeks straight then he became distant. I called him to ask what was up, but he didn’t answer the phone. In fact, he never answered the phone, or text messages, or DM’s. He ghosted me. So now, I have all of these feelings of disappointment and grief, but I only knew him for like three weeks. How can someone I barely know leave me with all of these feelings? Why do I feel so bad when I get ghosted?!?!



Dear Ghosted,

In 2023 why are we still ghosting people?!?!? Okay, now that that’s out of the way let’s talk. It's understandable to feel disappointed and hurt when someone you've been connecting with suddenly stops responding. Ghosting can be a confusing and painful experience because it leaves you wondering what went wrong and feeling like you didn't get the closure you needed.

Let’s face it, it’s frustrated when you invested time, energy, and emotions into building a connection with this person, and suddenly it’s cut off without explanation. It's also possible that you were hopeful about the potential of a relationship with this person and now feel let down and rejected.

People ghost for variety of reasons. Sometimes they aren’t as interested as they initially seemed, or maybe something came up in their life that caused them to withdraw. It's also possible that they are dealing with personal issues or simply not ready for a relationship.

Regardless of the reason, remember that their actions are a reflection of them and not of you. It's not your fault that they chose to handle the situation in this way, and you deserve to be treated with respect and kindness in any relationship or interaction.

Your feelings are valid and normal, and it's okay to take some time to process them. Try to focus on taking care of yourself during this time by doing things that make you happy and connecting with friends and loved ones for support.

Take Care!

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