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Clinical Supervision

"Clinical supervision a distinct professional practice employing a collaborative relationship that has both facilitative and evaluative components, that extends over time, which has the goals of enhancing the professional competence and science-informed practice of the supervisee, monitoring the quality of services provided, protecting the public, and providing a gatekeeping function for entry into the profession. Henceforth, supervision refers to clinical supervision and subsumes supervision conducted by all health service psychologists across the specialties of clinical, counseling, and school psychology.” (APA, 2014)

Heather M. Cain, LPC, LCPC-S at Shrink Me Not, LLC offers supervision for those desiring to be licensed in Washington, DC and is an approved supervisor for those desiring to be licensed in Maryland. Heather enjoys assisting the next generation of clinicians with gaining clinical skills to enhance their clinical practice by using real life ethical and clinical diagnosing cases. Heather will help you identify your counseling style and your professional footprint.

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Supervision Modalities:

Heather offers supervision in two modalities, group and individual.


Unless alternate arrangements are made, there is a maximum number of three members in a group supervision. The rate for group supervision start at $75 per session.


Individual sessions include the Supervisor and Supervisee in a one-on-on session. The rate for individual supervision start at $100 per session.


AB, School Based Clinician

"As a school based clinician, having an LPC as a direct supervisor in the workplace was nonexistent. Heather was referred to me by my direct supervisor and was able to understand the nuances of being a school based clinician. I was encouraged to be well rounded and think of my life as a clinician beyond the current moment while also making sure I was well versed in diagnoses that may not be as common in the school setting. Supervision was hard for me at times and I am grateful to have worked with a supervisor that was empathic and sought to understand. Supervision with Heather was a pleasure and I do not think anyone else would have been a good fit for me."

MT, School Based Clinician

"As an LGPC, it was a pleasure learning and growing under Heather's supervision. Our sessions were thought provoking and informative as we dove into various therapeutic approaches, disabilities, and case study analysis. Heather was thoughtful and conveyed her genuine care and concern for you as the clinician."

RL, Private Practice Based Clinician

Heather really took the time out to cultivate my clinical skills and help me with conceptualizing difficult cases.

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