Clinical Supervision

Shrink Me Not, LLC offers supervision for those desiring to be licensed in Washington, DC.


"Clinical supervision a distinct professional practice employing a collaborative relationship that has both facilitative and evaluative components, that extends over time, which has the goals of enhancing the professional competence and science-informed practice of the supervisee, monitoring the quality of services provided, protecting the public, and providing a gatekeeping function for entry into the profession. Henceforth, supervision refers to clinical supervision and subsumes supervision conducted by all health service psychologists across the specialties of clinical, counseling, and school psychology.” (APA, 2014)

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Supervision Modalities:

Shrink Me Not offers supervision in two modalities, group and individual.


Unless alternate arrangements are made, there is a maximum number of three members in a group supervision. The rate for group supervision starts at $50 per session.


Individual sessions include the Supervisor and Supervisee in a one-on-on session. The rate for individual supervision starts at $75 per session.